Heads Up: Building Energy Efficiency Newsletter - January 2014

 Building Energy Efficiency Newsletter

January 2014

2014: A new year means an opportunity for new energy efficiency goals

Why not start off 2014 with some achievable energy goals? Getting ahead on energy efficiency and cutting energy costs with new initiatives and challenges will set the tone for the year. After taking stock of the gains made so far and the gaps that still exist, 2014 can be the year that you

  • Implement more stringent energy codes
  • Benchmark your buildings' energy consumption
  • Invest in capital upgrades and energy retrofits
  • Start or continue employee training on energy conservation
  • Celebrate and share your successes

What's more, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is here to help you meet your energy efficiency goals with various programs for new, existing, and federal buildings. Take advantage of the opportunities and the start of a new year and forge ahead with plans to take control of your energy costs.

Increased energy efficiency, through the goals set by individual building owners and managers, plays an essential role in creating a stronger, economically diverse and competitive country.

For more information on how we can help you meet your energy efficiency goals, visit www.nrcan.gc.ca/energy/efficiency/buildings/13556.

What's new for the Buildings Division for 2014

This new year has brought changes to NRCan's website and upcoming additions to the popular Canadian-adapted energy benchmarking tool, ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

New NRCan web site

If you have not visited our new Energy efficiency in buildings Web page recently, you will find a new look and structure on your next visit. We have been hard at work updating our Web site to meet the Standard on Web Usability, making our site more accessible and usable for all. The conversion to this new format has meant that the URLs of many Web pages have changed. Although many redirects have been put in place, we would like to provide you with links to some key pages that you can bookmark:

Resources and training

Take a look at our updated Web pages and let us know what you think (infoservices@nrcan.gc.ca).

New ENERGY STAR performance scores

Following the Canadian launch of ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager in 2013 with energy performance scores for K–12 schools and office buildings, an all-Canadian ENERGY STAR energy performance score for the hospital sub-sector will be released this spring.

What this means for you is that any hospital using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager can rank its energy efficiency performance against its peers across the country.

The ENERGY STAR score for hospitals applies to general and medical hospitals, including critical access hospitals and children's hospitals, and is designed for single buildings or a campus of buildings. Reference data is based on information gathered through the Survey of Commercial and Institutional Energy Use, a national survey of energy consumption conducted by Statistics Canada in 2010.

By using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to benchmark energy performance, hospital energy managers will be able to demonstrate how their building's energy use is a controllable cost and, in doing so, contribute positively to the bottom line. The tool also helps translate the value of energy performance improvement projects for comparison against other investments.

And remember, even if an ENERGY STAR scoring model does not yet exist for your building type, you can still reap the rewards of using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager since the tool provides energy use intensity metrics for 86 building types.

Stay tuned for webinars, e-mails and other information on this subject coming your way. For more information, contact us.

NRCan buildings pilot project test drives ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager

NRCan is practicing what it preaches when it comes to using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager to track energy use. Over the next few months, NRCan will be inputting energy data into the tool across the department's portfolio of buildings. In this way, the department will get first-hand knowledge of the benefits and challenges of using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

According to Cheri Crosby, Executive Director for Natural Resources Canada's Human Resources and Workplace Management, “Proactive energy management is key to attaining and maintaining energy savings. We are pleased that as a department, Natural Resources Canada is taking this step towards benchmarking its energy use with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.  Portfolio Manager complements our existing efforts to understand our energy use.”

NRCan's Buildings Division is leading the project with stakeholders from NRCan Real Property, CanmetENERGY Varennes and SNC-Lavalin O&M.

The project is broken down into two main parts that correspond to the management strategies of the different buildings:

  • Eight National Capital Region buildings operated by SNC-Lavalin O&M
  • Ten regional buildings operated directly by NRCan

To date, the buildings in the National Capital Region have been set up in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, and the historic utility data going back to 2005 has been uploaded. The next phase is to establish the “Web services” communication link between ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and SNC-Lavalin's energy management software, EnergyCAP. Once the Web services link is in place, the utility information from EnergyCAP will flow directly to ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager – no manual entry or intervention will be required.

The target date to have all of the Department's energy data entered into ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager is March 31, 2014.

Stay tuned for updates!

Calendar of events and other important dates

The following list highlights key events:

  • Dollars to $ense Energy Management Workshops

Offered in English only in Vancouver, B.C.
Offered in collaboration with Langara College through the Continuing Studies Registration Office. To register, call Langara College directly at 604-323-5322.
Visit our Web site for more information on our 2013 Dollars to $ense Energy Management workshops.

See Website for upcoming dates and locations.

Let us know what you think

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