Why many Canadians have it all wrong when it comes to staying cool in the summer

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The temperature is rising, but that shouldn’t mean rising utility bills. It might be tempting to just blast the old A/C, but it’s better to create new low and no-cost habits that will stick and help you save in the long run. These little gems will help keep your home cool and comfortable, all while saving energy:

1. Open your windows (if cool at night). On cooler summer nights, turn off your air conditioner and open up your windows to let in the breeze. Natural air flow leaves you refreshed and can cool down your whole home without using energy.

2. Close your blinds and turn off the lights. Longer summer days are a wonderful opportunity to get outside for sunlight and a healthy dose of vitamin D. But in the house, light from rays streaming through windows and from halogen and incandescent fixtures can give off enough heat to overwork your air conditioner. Keep those lights off until the sun sets; andkeep blinds, curtains and shades closed during the day.

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3. Make sure ceiling fans are in a counter-clockwise direction. This helps circulate a cool breeze in your home. Bonus tip: Combine fans and air conditioners to reduce your energy bill even more. Set your thermostat two degrees higher and use ceiling fans to circulate cool air. This can reduce your A/C costs by nearly 14%!

4. Dry on the line. Even if you have an ENERGY STAR certified dryer, install an outdoor clothesline to let your clothes air dry to save energy. Your wallet will thank you.

5. Invest an ENERGY STAR certified dehumidifier. Humid air always exaggerates the heat (and it can wreak havoc on your hair!)  Get rid of moisture in your home and tame that mane with a dehumidifier! An ENERGY STAR certified dehumidifier will increase your home’s comfort and help tame your hair, while using nearly 30% less energy than a standard one.

6. Use your BBQ. Keep your home temperature down and fun level up by using an outdoor grill vs. turning on your oven. Nothing says summer like a good old burger in the sun!