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SmartDriver training series

SmartDriver provides free, practical training to help Canada’s commercial and institutional fleets lower their fuel consumption, operating costs and harmful vehicle emissions.

Fleet energy-management training that helps truckers, transit operators, school bus and other professional drivers improve fuel efficiency by up to 35 percent.

Commercial driver fuel efficiency training

Using less fuel enables the transportation sector to reduce its impact on the environment. Fleet energy management also makes good business sense. It helps cut operational and maintenance costs, boost profitability and improve competitiveness.

SmartDriver training covers the following commercial and institutional fleets:

SmartDriver for Highway Trucking

SmartDriver for Highway Trucking (SDHT) web-based training is the flexible choice for trucking professionals on the go. The program provides immediate access to course content anytime and anywhere an Internet connection is available. SDHT is free and helps truckers and trucking companies improve fuel efficiency. The course focuses on fuel-saving techniques within a driver’s control, such as idling, progressive shifting and maintenance. Those who complete the training with a mark of at least 80 percent get a certificate of achievement.

Course outline

SDHT training has three components that can be used individually or in a blended learning approach:

  • SDHT Classroom provides fleet trainers with materials to deliver up to 26 lessons in four modules.
  • SDHT Online is a web-based, self-study training program for owner-operators and drivers in training. It’s interactive and easy to use, connecting you to the latest industry tips, tricks and best practices for improving fuel efficiency.
  • SDHT On-road Practicum pairs drivers with professional driving instructors to apply SDHT learning on the road or in a simulator (if available on company premises).

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SmartDriver for Forestry Trucks

Developed in cooperation with FPInnovations, this free training program promotes energy-efficient driving in forestry operations.

The course focuses on energy-management factors that are within drivers’ and owner-operators’ control. These include start/stop techniques, vehicle spec'ing, and haul operations. The course also introduces technologies that can help participants lower fuel consumption and increase productivity.

Course outline

SmartDriver for Forestry training is delivered in three modules on CD-ROM:

  • Module 1: Spec'ing a truck
  • Module 2: Driving for fuel efficiency
  • Module 3: Being a fuel-smart driver

Contact SmartDriver for more information.

SmartDriver for Transit

This three-day workshop improves drivers’ knowledge to help transit companies lower their fuel consumption and operating costs, and their fleets’ impact on air quality.

Drivers learn how to minimize vehicle wear and tear, which helps lower repair and replacement costs. The training also promotes defensive driving techniques, because fuel-efficient drivers are also safe drivers.

Course outline

The training includes on-road learning and four classroom modules:

  • Module 1: Factors that affect fuel efficiency
  • Module 2: Vehicle care and inspections
  • Module 3: Best driving practices for fuel efficiency
  • Module 4: Defensive driving for fuel efficiency

Course registration

SmartDriver for Transit is delivered in a train-the-trainer format. Transit companies can contact SmartDriver for information on hosting train-the-trainer sessions. A SmartDriver for Transit trainer will visit your facility and teach personnel how to deliver the workshop to other staff.

SmartDriver for School Bus

This program delivers the essential knowledge bus drivers need to lower their use of fuel, help prevent harmful vehicle emissions, and help their employers save money.

Companies that have taken this training report fuel-consumption savings of 5 to 10 percent. The program also promotes good driving habits to help lower the risks and costs of collisions.

Course outline

Training is presented in two modules on CD-ROM and in a participant handbook:

  • Module 1: The SmartDriver – Includes information on pollution, fuel technology and the value of rest, exercise and nutrition.
  • Module 2: About your vehicle – Teaches drivers about vehicle technology and maintenance, as well as operating techniques to improve fuel efficiency.

Contact SmartDriver for more informaiton.

SmartDriver in the City

This program is specially designed for professional drivers and managers in urban and municipal fleets. Participants learn safe driving practices as well as ways to lower fuel consumption and the environmental impact of light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

Course outline

Classroom training addresses nine subject areas:

  • Understanding climate change
  • Driving for a living
  • Driving smart
  • Use of gears and fuel economy
  • Idling
  • Effective fuel-reducing devices
  • Maintenance and fuel efficiency
  • Tires and fuel efficiency
  • Alternative fuels and traditional fuels

Contact SmartDriver for more informaiton.

Mark Dalton: SmartDriver tips on the road

Mark Dalton is the fictional owner-operator in short stories by Edo van Belkom. Originally published in Truck News and Truck West magazines, Dalton’s adventures take an informative and entertaining approach to show the direct link between smart driving and fuel savings.

SmartDriver 1

Mark Dalton just wants to make a living behind the wheel, but trouble always seems to find him. This time, trouble is named Jimmy, a brash young man Mark must coach during an eye-opening trip across Canada that includes stolen cars, road rage and attempted murder.

Download SmartDriver 1 (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Download SmartDriver 1 audiobook

SmartDriver 2: Trouble Load

Mark is looking forward to some well-earned time off, but things rarely go as planned. His rig breaks down. Then California suddenly becomes the destination. The schedule is tight and he’s in a different country with different rules.

Download SmartDriver 2: Trouble Load (PDF, 918 KB)

Download SmartDriver 2: Trouble Load audiobook

SmartDriver 3: On Ice

Mark and Jimmy are re-routed to the Northwest Territories, where the safest place is on the ice. Mark and Jimmy learn quickly about the need to be prepared physically and mentally for extreme northern conditions off and on the ice.

Download SmartDriver 3: On Ice (PDF, 865 KB)

Download SmartDriver 3: On Ice audiobook

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