Arena - Victoriaville, QC, Canada

Major retrofits were required at the Colisée des Bois- Francs in Victoriaville, due to its underpowered and obsolete refrigeration system.

A CoolSolution® approach

Based on the results of a feasibility study that examined a number of alternatives, decision-makers opted for a “commercial” refrigeration system that include:

  • 100% recovery of the heat extracted from the ice surface
  • Variable condensation pressure operation
  • Confinement of refrigerants in the service room
  • Heat pumps to produce heat from refrigeration system rejection

The building is instrumented to allow detailed monitoring of the various systems. Although the system capacity has been increased by 50%, the energy consumption is lower than the one of the old system.

Managed by CanmetENERGY at the Varennes (Quebec) research centre.