Other Natural Resources Canada energy efficiency programs

In addition to Energy efficiency for buildings, you may find valuable energy efficiency information on these other sites, available from Natural Resources Canada:


CanmetENERGY is a Canadian leader in clean energy research and technology development. With more than 450 scientists, engineers and technicians and more than 100 years of experience, CanmetENERGY is a Canadian knowledge centre for scientific expertise on clean energy technologies. Its Buildings & Communities page offers a wealth of information on energy efficient buildings, including optimizing energy use, integrating clean energy, and building technologies and simulation tools.

Energy Efficient Products

This site provides you with information on energy efficient products and equipment and includes EnerGuide and ENERGY STAR ratings.

This site offers valuable purchasing information about the following:

  • major appliances
  • heating equipment and controls
  • cooling and ventilation equipment
  • windows, doors and skylights
  • office equipment
  • electronics

Commercial Vehicles

Our vehicles program aims to reduce energy use and emissions from transportation in Canada. The program offers fuel efficient driver training, provides energy information to vehicle consumers, and encourages freight companies to make their operations as energy efficient as possible.

Industrial facilities and equipment

Our industrial division works to promote the adoption of energy efficiency standards throughout the Canadian industrial sector. The division offers networking support through the Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation, as well as energy management training and a variety of publications to keep the sector informed.