Advantages of energy efficiency

Big buildings = big opportunities

In 2009 commercial buildings in Canada occupied over 709 million square metres and employed over 13 million people,Footnote 1 representing a significant economic opportunity. We can all agree that becoming more energy efficient makes good business sense; however, persuading senior managers to invest in these types of initiatives often takes more than a presentation of simple facts and figures. Building owners and managers want tangible benefits. Fortunately, energy efficiency delivers - and in a big way.

The 6 big benefits

Image displaying the 6 elements of Benefits

By improving the energy performance of your building, you will:

Increase your asset value.

Buildings that are perceived - or better yet, certified - as energy efficient command higher rental rates, have higher occupancy rates and are likely to be sold at higher prices than other comparable buildings.Footnote 2

Reduce your energy costs.

Don't be fooled into viewing energy as a fixed expense. Energy is, in fact, one of your organization's most easily controlled costs.

Cut your building's carbon emissions.

Participate in national efforts to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to climate change and demonstrate your organization's corporate commitment to the environment at the same time.

Improve the operating performance of your building.

When building systems are properly operated and maintained, they work more reliably and efficiently, require fewer repairs, and last longer.

Enhance the comfort of your building's occupants.

Better indoor air quality and steady, moderate temperatures can improve the comfort of your building's occupants - and may even increase employee productivity!

Strengthen your organization's image.

A commitment to energy efficiency goes a long way in today's eco-conscious economy. Attract the right kind of consumer, tenant and stakeholder attention with a greener approach to energy management.

All of these benefits provide a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Learn how you can start reaping the benefits of improved energy efficiency today: