About the Buildings Division

Laying the foundation

Working under the mandate of Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency, the Buildings Division offers leadership, Energy management best practices and Capacity building resources for Canada's commercial and institutional buildings. We work closely with stakeholders and allies across the country to promote the technologies, techniques and know-how to get Canada on the right track to meet its sustainability goals. Canada's buildings sector is only beginning to realize its true potential for energy savings, and we're ready to help.

Our Mission

The Buildings Division's mission is to improve the energy performance of commercial and institutional buildings in Canada. We work with stakeholders to exchange information and provide tools, policies and programs that build awareness and lead to action.

We are your committed ally in the fight against energy waste. We understand that implementing efficiency measures isn't always easy, and that the challenges can sometimes seem insurmountable. Our job is to help you overcome those barriers by giving you the tools, resources and information you need to change the way you think about energy efficiency. We'll help you make the smart moves to bolster your bottom line and maintain Canada's momentum on the road to energy efficiency.

Our Vision

Helping Canada's buildings sector to become a world leader in energy performance.

We make big changes happen across the country by implementing initiatives such as the Federal Buildings Initiative for federally owned facilities and the National Energy Code of Canada for Buildings 2011 for all Canadian buildings. We put powerful tools like ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager at your disposal and provide you with individualized, hands-on training and resources to help you cut your energy consumption, improve your procedures, enhance your work environment and save your money.

Find out how the Buildings Division put words into action in our office

Walking the talk

Walking the talk

Proactive energy management is the key to attaining and maintaining energy savings. And for the Buildings Division, it takes place wherever we work. In our previous place of work, we retrofitted our 60-year-old building and certified it to Building Owners and Managers Association of Canada Building Environmental Standards (BOMA BEST) level 3.Footnote 1

Following a comprehensive benchmarking process, we established an Energy Action Plan that outlined straightforward steps to improve our building's overall energy performance. These measures included installing electrical sub-meters and water-efficient fixtures, and conducting simple checks to ensure that equipment was turned off during unoccupied hours.

image of BOMA BEST certification plaque

The whole planning experience reminded us that initiative is rewarded with energy savings, and that collaboration is better than isolation. Furthermore, the knowledge we gained through our retrofit, benchmarking and planning activities helped launch initiatives throughout the Buildings Division, and other departments are following suit. Natural Resources Canada, for example, has implemented a Low Carbon NRCan initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its buildings, principally through efficient energy use.

The retrofit was part of the Federal Accelerated Infrastructure Program which enabled us to update rooftop air-handling units, install a direct digital control system and replace the original building boilers that - believe it or not - were older than the building itself. The two boilers started their lives in another facility and were moved to this location when the building was constructed, and were well past their expected lifespan. Amazingly, the two new condensing boilers that we replaced them with now do the same job at a tenth the size!

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