Why recommissioning?

Recommissioning is a re-optimization process for existing buildings designed to ensure that systems continue to operate at peak efficiency, just as they did when the building was first commissioned. During this process any new equipment introduced since the building was commissioned is also assessed to confirm that it integrates seamlessly with existing systems. Through a rigorous assessment of an existing building's systems, recommissioning directly addresses equipment performance, recommends low-to-no-cost operational improvements and retrofit projects, and improves overall energy performance.

There are plenty of reasons why recommissioning is a good idea, including:

  • lowered energy costs
  • enhanced property value
  • extended life for your equipment
  • improved systems operations
  • reduced maintenance and repair costs
  • enhanced comfort and productivity for your building's occupants

For more information about the benefits of recommissioning, see our Recommissioning Guide for Building Owners and Managers [PDF - 4.1MB].