Is it time for recommissioning?

Ideally, a building will be recommissioned regularly, about every three to five years. One of the final steps of a recommissioning process should be to schedule the next cycle. If you haven't recommissioned yet, or your last recommissioning project didn't include a timeline for the next one, how will you decide when you should recommission your building?

If more than one of the following conditions exists, you may want to consider implementing a recommissioning process:

  • increase of more than 10 percent in energy use
  • increased occupant complaints about comfort
  • significant changes to occupancy schedules (especially on evenings, weekends and holidays)
  • issues that maintenance staff don't know how to fix
  • frequent equipment or component malfunctions
  • significant changes to building use or layout
  • replacement of major equipment (heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system, boilers, water chillers, etc.)
  • Significant turnover in operations staffFootnote 1

For more information about recommissioning schedules, see our Recommissioning Guide for Building Owners and Managers.