Four phases of recommissioning

A well-executed recommissioning project generally has four phases: planning, investigation, implementation and hand-off.

Recommissioning process overview

Four phases of recommissioning
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Four phases of recommissioning
Phases Description
Planning phase
  • Select a building
  • Define RCx objectives
  • Assemble a team
  • Develop a RCx Plan
Investigation phase
  • Review facility documentation
  • Perform diagnostic monitoring & testing
  • Develop Master List of Findings
  • Prioritize and select RCx improvements
Implementation phase
  • Develop RCx Implementation Plan
  • Implement selected operational improvements
  • Verify results
  • Develop a RCx Implementation Report
Hand-Off phase
  • Develop Final Report
  • Develop next RCx Plan and recommend persistence strategies
  • Conduct staff training
  • Hold hand-off meeting
Followed by:
Ongoing Operations
  • Implement persistence strategies

Source: Recommissioning Guide for Building Owners and Managers, Natural Resources Canada (2008).