Energy-efficient equipment

Some energy retrofits involve replacing aging equipment. Investing in newer, more energy-efficient equipment will help to increase the energy efficiency of your building. ENERGY STAR compliant auxiliary and plug-load equipment can take your energy management goals to the next level, and at a lower risk than most other equipment investments.

The benefits of using energy-saving equipment are twofold:

  • direct cost savings (i.e. lower monthly energy bills), and
  • higher building value that is attractive to buyers and lenders - every dollar invested can produce between two and three dollars in asset value growth.

Why ENERGY STAR certified equipment?

• ENERGY STAR performance levels provide a readily available benchmark of equipment performance, and ENERGY STAR products can save anywhere from 10 to 30 percent on your equipment's energy consumption - generating a significant return on investment.

• ENERGY STAR products make the procurement process easier, because the work to establish a value proposition has already been done.

• Energy-efficiency equipment upgrades can yield greater rates of return than many traditional investment options.

For guidance on choosing energy-efficient equipment, visit our page on Procurement or bulk buying.

Gaining these benefits means managing building energy consumption using best practices and the latest advancements in equipment and technologies. The United States Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR Buildings Five-Stage Approach for energy-efficiency upgrades was developed to produce savings of up to 30 percent for an entire building:

Stage One - Green lights
Install energy-efficient lighting systems and controls for substantial energy savings at low costs.

Stage Two - Building Tune-Up (RCx)
Perform a comprehensive tune-up of the entire facility to get it into peak condition.

Stage Three - Other Load Reductions
Look for other opportunities to increase your building's energy efficiency, such as purchasing ENERGY STAR office equipment.

Stage Four - Fan System Upgrades
Right size fan systems, add variable-speed drives, convert to a variable-air-volume system, add heat recovery on exhaust air, etc.

Stage Five - Heating and Cooling System Upgrades
Replace aging equipment such as condensing boilers and variable-speed pumps with more energy-efficient models in order to meet the building's reduced heating and cooling loads, and upgrade other central plant systems.

You can compare the energy efficiency of various models of ENERGY STAR equipment using our ENERGY STAR Savings Calculators. For more information about ENERGY STAR equipment, visit our Energy Efficient Products page or e-mail