Steps to success

Think your federal facility is ready for an energy retrofit? Take the next step with the Federal Buildings Initiative to save money, streamline your operations and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions.

The Federal Buildings Initiative's step-by-step energy performance contracting guide [PDF - 4.91 MB] will help you through the process of preparing for, implementing and monitoring an energy performance contract.

Here is a summary of the steps outlined in the guide:

Step 1: Getting Started

The first step before considering an energy performance contract is to gather information about your building(s) that will help in developing your plan and sustainability objectives. This step provides you with the information you need to develop your energy retrofit business case.

Step 2: Selecting an Energy Service Company

After you have decided to pursue an energy performance contract, the next step is to develop and issue a Request for Proposal. Contact the Federal Buildings Initiative to receive model documents. This step describes how you can develop and issue a customized Request for Proposal that will best meet your organization's particular needs.

Step 3: Steps to Awarding the Contract

This step provides you with the information you need to take you from selecting your energy service company to initiating a contract.

Step 4: Managing the Contract

What happens after the contract has been signed? This step outlines your organization's responsibilities and what you can expect from your energy performance contract.

Step 5: Maintaining the Savings after the Energy Performance Contract Project is Finished

For your organization to reap the full and long-lasting benefits of its energy performance contract, certain procedures should be followed to maintain your savings.

Experienced staff from the Federal Buildings Initiative are available to guide you through every step. E-mail for more information.