Energy efficiency is important for new buildings

A new building project is an ideal opportunity to focus on energy efficiency right from the start. New construction offers many more opportunities for the integration of energy efficiency measures than existing buildings. Energy retrofits - like wall insulation - are often cost prohibitive for existing buildings but comparatively inexpensive for new construction.

Why energy efficiency is important for new buildings

There are solid business reasons why energy efficiency is important for your new building, including:

  • providing energy cost savings incentives to you or your tenants
  • future-proofing new construction investments as energy efficient
  • increasing tenant demand for comfortable and energy-efficient working environments
  • contributing to the sustainability of your organization
  • attracting investors wishing to acquire responsible and sustainable investments
  • future-proofing investments against potential reporting requirements

The opportunity to design a building efficiently from the start enables more and better efficiency measures to be used. The more new technologies and practices that are adopted in new construction, the more costs will come down and the measures become standard practice. By incorporating energy efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable green design features into a building at the outset, you can play a significant role - not only controlling your building's energy consumption - but also contributing to achieving a sustainable energy structure for our society.

New buildings present a very real opportunity to achieve significant energy avoidance savings over the long term, especially when developers and building owners use a comprehensive systems approach to energy efficiency. Building to higher energy-efficiency standards requires an upfront commitment to a whole new way of thinking about design, construction and investment. The benefits of building to higher standards of energy efficiency are far-reaching and nearly immediate and benefit occupants for generations to come.

By designing a new building holistically, with energy savings goals in mind, you can help to ensure that all systems work together effectively and you can incorporate major energy-efficiency components that would be difficult or impossible to retrofit and will save you significant amounts of money over your building's life.

The choice is clear: if you're starting a new building project, design it to be energy efficient.

The key to addressing climate change

Among the varied approaches to addressing climate change, the implementation of energy efficiency in the buildings sector is recognized as an essential key strategy to mitigate climate change.

Buildings are a significant source of energy consumption and emissions in Canada.

Source: Sustainable Architecture, The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada