The commissioning process

As every building project is unique, the following steps are not intended to be followed rigidly. Rather, they represent a broad outline of the basic commissioning process, which should be adapted to suit the needs of each specific project.

Phase Role of the commissioning team
  • Works with the owner to determine requirements and develops commissioning plan. (The plan will evolve over the course of the process.)
  • Works with the design team to review designs from a commissioning perspective and flag any potential issues.
  • Develops commissioning requirements to be included in contract specifications.
  • Updates the commissioning plan to include scheduling and budgets. Starts planning for testing, system documentation and training.
  • Collects and reviews system manuals and other documentation to be provided to building owners and operators.
  • Observes construction, ensures that any proposed deviations from existing plans will not have a detrimental effect on the design as a whole, and notes any issues for review.
  • Conducts functional testing and monitoring as systems are installed and completed.
  • Develops and delivers all documentation, including final commissioning report, systems manuals and recommissioning plan.
  • Conducts or oversees operations and maintenance training for building operators and occupants.
  • Assists with any outstanding issues.
  • Performs functional testing that could not be completed during construction phase.
  • Performs final review prior to end of contractor's one-year warranty to ensure that the building and its systems are functioning correctly.

Get the Commissioning Guide for New Buildings

For more detailed information on the commissioning process, read Natural Resources Canada's Commissioning Guide for New Buildings. This step-by-step guide details the complete process of commissioning a new building and includes comprehensive information on:

  • the benefits and costs of commissioning new buildings
  • the roles and responsibilities of the members of a commissioning team
  • strategies for guaranteeing rewarding results

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