Working smarter

Managing your energy use is a smart business practice. It demonstrates corporate responsibility while helping you improve your bottom line and contribute to the health of the environment. Energy management is a strategy that can combat rising energy costs and is a means to respond to the world-wide call to actionFootnote 1 for low-carbon living.

Energy management best practices can provide you with a solid framework for your energy management strategy. This framework doesn't merely focus on traditional technology-based energy performance solutions, but also includes organizational and behavioural aspects of energy use, which are equally important to consider.

Integrating technological, behavioural and organizational elements simultaneously as part of your energy management best practices will result in a cohesive, organization-wide effort that facilitates business decisions about equipment, establishes procedures that ensure greater energy and process efficiency, and encourages behaviours that save energy and money.

Your role as an energy or building manager is challenging. Implementing energy management best practices will provide you with a roadmap that can not only help you develop and implement an energy management strategy that is effective for your organization, but can also lead to best-in-class energy performance standards for your organization.