A model for change

Energy consumption and cost savings opportunities result from the simultaneous interaction of behavioural, organizational and technological changes.

Using the diagram below, we can illustrate this inter-relationship as it affects the energy performance of a building. The intersection of all three elements represents your optimal holistic and sustainable goal. Integrating these elements is a continuous, dynamic process. It is important to keep this process in mind to establish the key conditions required to maximize and sustain your organization's energy savings.

Venn diagram
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Venn Diagram

Three overlapping rectangles; one contains the words "Technological Change"; one contains the words "Organizational Change"; one contains the words "Behavioural Change". Where the three rectangles overlap there is the word "Success".


To learn more about how you can integrate technological, organizational and behavioural aspects into your organization's energy strategy, read our Energy Management Best Practices Guide [PDF – 1.47 MB].