The Matrix

An energy management matrix is a tool that can help you initiate a systematic and ordered approach to your energy management planning efforts. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned energy manager, you can use a matrix to help you analyze and understand your current situation, set future priorities and assess your progress along the way.

The following matrix is borrowed from the Dollars to $ense Energy Management Planning workshop.

The Energy Management Matrix



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Level Commitment People Planning Financing Communication Tracking 4 Energy policy, action plan and regular review have commitment of top management as part of an energy or environmental strategy Energy management is fully integrated into the management structure with clear delegation of responsibility for energy consumption A comprehensive Energy Master Plan exists and is being implemented by all departments with full support from senior management Actively pursue "green" funding using detailed investment appraisal of all new build and refurbishment opportunities The value of energy efficiency and the performance of energy management are reported and marketed both within the organization and outside on a continuous basis Comprehensive system sets targets, monitors use, identifies faults, quantifies savings and provides budgeting information 3 A formal energy policy exists but lacks commitment from top management Energy committee used as main channel together with direct contact with major users All departments are represented on the planning team with some senior management suport Investment using life cycle costing and/or internal rate of return An ongoing program of staff awareness exists with progress reported through regular publicity campaigns Monitoring & tracking reports for major users, but savings not reported to users effectively 2 Un-adopted energy policy set by energy champion/
manager or senior department head Energy champion or manager in post but no clear responsibility or authority Only technical persons or technical managers are involved in developing an Energy Master Plan Investments using short-term or simple payback criteria only; no consideration for life cycle costing Occasional, ad hoc staff awareness Monitoring & tracking reports based on supply meter data with ad hoc use of findings 1 An undocumented set of guidelines or procedures Energy management is a part-time responsibility with limited authority One person delegated to develop an Energy Master Plan Only low-cost measures considered for financing Informal contacts employed to promote energy efficiency Cost reporting based on invoice data 0 No guidelines or procedures No motivation or contact with users No Energy Master Plan No investment in energy efficiency No promotion of energy efficiency No information system