Training: the key to unlocking savings

It's not enough to simply upgrade your building and your building's systems. To get the most out of your energy efficiency investments, you and your staff must acquire the knowledge and skills you need to achieve a higher level of sustainable energy savings.

Energy management training...

the process of improving the performance and increasing the awareness of the individuals who are responsible for energy use in buildings. It is an integral component of any effective energy management strategyFootnote 1.

As a best-practice, energy management training can modify building occupant behaviour. Committing to a comprehensive, ongoing training plan can empower your staff to recognize the energy impact of their daily operations and change their behaviour, which will improve the efficiency and performance of your building. Training can also equip managers with the information needed to develop and refine long-term energy management action plans to maximize the potential for savings.

A report commissioned by Natural Resources Canada in 2012 identified that successfully implemented energy management training can deliver annual energy savings between 4 and 20 percentFootnote 1.