ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager for specific building types

In winter 2018, eligibility criteria for commercial offices scores will be updated. Stay tuned for more information and training opportunities by visiting: What’s new with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager?

Natural Resources Canada offers a Canadian-based 1-100 ENERGY STAR score for the building types shown below. (Note that municipal buildings are not a specific building type and are not eligible for a score; however, the Municipal buildings tab offers information to help municipalities benchmark their buildings according to established building types and promote benchmarking in their cities.)

No score? No problem.

If your building type is not currently eligible for a score, rest assured that Natural Resources Canada is working to introduce new scores on a progressive basis, and your building type could be next! In the meantime, we recommend that all buildings benchmark their energy performance, using other metrics available through ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. These metrics include national median energy use intensity values, available for 86 building types in Canada.