Case studies: EPIC Realty Partners

EPIC Realty Partners is a national commercial real estate services firm that owns and operates over 350,000 m2 of commercial office property in Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

EPIC uses two energy benchmarking initiatives: the Canada Green Building Council's GREEN UP® program and in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager program. The organization tracks a small sample set of buildings on an ongoing basis, and monitors the performance of these buildings over time and then compares this performance with other office buildings.

EPIC started benchmarking its energy performance to identify its performance relative it its peers in the industry and to enhance its competitively in the commercial office market. According to EPIC, the ability to compare energy usage across their portfolios and industry is the biggest benefit of energy benchmarking. If one of its buildings is underperforming, benchmarking data provides information that can motivate improvement. Energy benchmarking is a reliable tool that can help manage the energy use in its buildings. Tracking energy performance and aligning with the industry fits their corporate energy and environmental goals. Operational changes, tenant engagement, audits and retrofits are being implemented in all of EPIC's buildings.