What’s new with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager?

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Schedule for upcoming Canadian ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager updates UPDATE!

New Year, new updates! What you need to know about ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager in 2018!

A number of significant updates to the tool are planned for 2018. These include new source energy factors and an updated scoring model for commercial office buildings.

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Updated scoring model for commercial office buildings: The ENERGY STAR score for commercial office buildings that launched in 2013 was based on data from the 2009 Survey of Commercial and Institutional Energy Use. A new survey was conducted recently to collect data for 2014, and this data will be used to update the scoring model for office buildings. The new model will provide a more up-to-date comparison for Canadian office buildings’ energy use.

What this means for you: The ENERGY STAR score is percentile-based, that is, it scores your building’s efficiency relative to other buildings, rather than as an absolute value. This means that as the performance of buildings across Canada changes, your building’s performance relative to other buildings’ performance will also change, and your score may change as a result. You should expect to see some changes in your ENERGY STAR score; however, be assured that the overall approach to determining the ENERGY STAR score has not changed. While some scores will increase, the change that you will see in most scores will be a decrease. 

Potential impacts: If you are in the process of applying for any type of building certification, we recommend that you print out your statement of energy performance before the office score is updated so that your application can proceed with your current score and metrics.

Learn more about energy benchmarking for commercial office buildings

Updates to calculations for parking, pools and data centres: NRCan is reviewing the current engineering adjustments that Portfolio Manager uses to account for certain specialized space types. Although minor changes are possible, we are not anticipating any major changes to the parking or pool adjustments. We are also planning to add a data centre engineering adjustment for data centres located in office buildings and to clarify the requirement that data centre energy be included in the total building consumption.

Source energy factors: Portfolio Manager’s metrics are based on source energy, which helps to compare different types of energy use. The factors used to convert site energy to source energy depend on several characteristics, including fuel quality, efficiency of conversion from primary to secondary energy, and distribution efficiency. As the national infrastructure evolves, so do the ratios used to calculate source energy. For this reason, the energy source factors including electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, propane, steam, hot water and chilled water are reviewed every few years and adjusted accordingly in Portfolio Manager. The last time source factors were reviewed was in 2013, so they will be updated in 2018.

What this means for you: When the ratios used to convert your site energy into source energy change, your source energy use intensity (EUI) will likely also change. If your building currently has an ENERGY STAR score, this could have an impact on your score. If you are in the process of applying for any type of building certification, we recommend that you print out your statement of energy performance before the source factors are updated so that your application can proceed with your current score and metrics. More information will provided as the date of the change approaches.

For more information about source energy, see our Technical Reference on Source Energy [PDF – 369 KB].

For more training and resources for ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool updates in 2018. Please join us by registering on our benchmarking training resources page to reserve your spot.

Get ready now! ENERGY STAR certification in Canada is coming soon!


You asked for it; we are bringing it! NRCan is hard at work adapting the ENERGY STAR certification process for use in Canada so that you can earn recognition for your top-performing energy-efficient buildings.

Starting in 2018, eligible building types will be able to apply for certification and share their success with everyone who walks by or through their doors. To qualify, your building will need to earn an ENERGY STAR score of at least 75, meet certain other eligibility criteria, and have your application verified by a licensed professional.

We will share more information about this exciting initiative as it becomes available, including eligibility requirements, application procedures, and guidance for licensed professionals on performing verifications. In the meantime, there are some general steps you can take to get ready:

  1. If you are not already registered in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, visit our ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager Access page to get started.
  2. Make sure you’re benchmarking, and that you have at least one full year of consumption data for all your meters.
  3. Run a Data Quality Check in Portfolio Manager to make sure your data is accurate. Look for energy-saving opportunities you can take advantage of to improve the energy efficiency of your building.

If you have specific questions regarding ENERGY STAR certification for commercial and institutional buildings in Canada, please contact nrcan.energystarcertificationbuildings.rncan@canada.ca or visit ENERGY STAR certification for commercial and institutional buildings in Canada! (Winter 2018)

Take the challenge! Be one of the 1st ENERGY STAR-certified building in your sector!

Beginning in March, 2018, Natural Resources Canada will be launching an ENERGY STAR challenge for commercial and institutional buildings. Show your commitment to the environment, your shareholders, your community, and your competitors, by being among the first buildings in Canada to receive the ENERGY STAR certification. All approved buildings will be classified as "firsts" in Canada.

The challenge runs between March 26, 2018 and April 30, 2018, PST. The deadline for all applications is April 30, 2018, 11:59 PST. We will be providing more details about the benefits of being the first in Canada. Bookmark this page for more updates.

If you have specific questions regarding ENERGY STAR certification for commercial and institutional buildings in Canada or the challenge, please contact nrcan.energystarcertificationbuildings.rncan@canada.ca.

Updates to our Canadian Circle of Champions page! Are you a recognized champion?

Circle of Champions Logo

We have recently made some changes to our Natural Resources Canada’s Canadian Circle of Champions page by adding new case studies on organizations that have successfully integrated benchmarking as part of their overall energy management strategy. Check out their success stories to learn how you can do the same.

If you would like to see your organization listed among these champions or have your energy benchmarking efforts celebrated in our Heads Up: Building Energy Efficiency monthly newsletter, submit your story. For more information, email info.services@nrcan-rncan.gc.ca or call 1-877-360-5500 (toll-free).

Shoot to score! New 1-100 ENERGY STAR score for ice/curling rinks now available!

Ice/curling rinks are now eligible to obtain a 1-100 ENERGY STAR score. Because of the high energy demands of creating and maintaining ice surfaces, energy management is important for these facilities. The new score will give indoor ice rink managers a powerful tool to help them understand their energy performance, which is the first step to improving it. Benchmarking with Portfolio Manager can help you set priorities for your ice/curling rink. By measuring how your facility compares with other similar facilities across Canada, you can identify poorly performing facilities, spot opportunities and build a sound business case for targeted investments that will reduce energy costs.

For more information on upcoming training and eligibility criteria, consult our energy benchmarking for indoor ice rinks page.

Learn more about benchmarking and energy efficiency for indoor ice rinks 

Technical Reference Guide for Ice/Curling Rinks [PDF – 778 KB] (NEW) 
Learn more about ENERGY STAR scores in Canada
Learn more about the Survey of Energy Consumption in Arenas, the basis for the new score

Build your knowledge with our new series of Energy Benchmarking Data Snapshots! 

Have you ever wondered how many buildings are benchmarking with ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager?

You can now find out by reading our our new series of Energy Benchmarking Data Snapshots. The series is intended to provide you with data about the commercial and institutional buildings sector entered into Portfolio Manager.

Schedule for Canadian ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager updates
Update Timeline
Office score update Winter 2018
Source factor updates Winter 2018
Parking, pool and data centre updates Winter 2018
ENERGY STAR certification (all existing building types) Winter 2018
ENERGY STAR buildings challenge March 26, 2018 and April 30, 2018, 11:59 PST

Please note that these dates are subject to change.

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