Survey of Commercial and Institutional Energy Use

The Survey of Commercial and Institutional Energy Use (SCIEU) combines the goals of two previous energy-use surveys: the Commercial and Institutional Consumption of Energy Survey and the Commercial and Institutional Building Energy Use Survey. It is intended to produce statistical estimates of energy use and establish baseline energy consumption figures to support energy efficiency policy and program development. The data also forms the basis of the 1-100 performance scores used in Natural Resources Canada’s Canadian adaptation of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager energy benchmarking system.

The first SCIEU was conducted in 2010, collecting data for calendar year 2009 and addressing energy use in both establishments and buildings. The following SCIEU reports are available to the public:

NEW Survey in the Works

Survey of Commercial and Institutional Energy Use 2014

We are now working to update our data set through a new survey. In February 2015, Statistics Canada began collecting energy use information for calendar year 2014, with the results to be published at a later date.

The results of this survey will be used by utilities, as well as provincial and federal governments, to develop programs and policies that will improve the energy efficiency of commercial and institutional buildings in Canada. This includes updated ENERGY STAR performance scores for eligible building types and new scores for building types not currently eligible. Industry associations, building managers and business owners will have up-to-date data on similar establishments and buildings with which to compare their own energy consumption. And energy specialists and consumers will be able to learn more about establishments’ consumption patterns.

We need your help!

SCIEU 2014 is a mandatory survey, but your full cooperation has a big impact on the quality of the results. The better the data you provide, the better the data we can provide, so if you receive a survey package, please review it carefully so that you can respond as fully as possible to all questions.

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