Services - PV Technology

CanmetENERGY is very interested in working with you on innovative R&D projects, providing our auditing and consulting expertise, and making our high-tech equipment and testing services available. Our partnerships give rise to research and development agreements, or on invitation to participate to one of our research consortiums.

For more information on possible partnerships in PV technology and hybrid systems, contact us.


The PV research group is made up of engineers and researchers, specializing in chemistry, physics, electrical engineering and environmental sciences. These experts own the many facets and components of PV systems.


Through its R&D partnerships in PV technology and hybrid systems, CanmetENERGY uses the most advanced technologies:

  • PV/generator hybrid test rig
    • Designed to produce 4 kWh per day at a maximum output of 4 kW
    • 7.5 kW generator set
    • 4 kW inverter/charger
    • 1.5 kWp PV array
    • Battery bank putting out 530 Ah at 24 V
  • Devices for characterizing PV cells and modules
    • Solar simulator for PV cells
    • Devices for characterizing modules using laser beam induced current (LBIC)
    • Large surface xenon-pulse solar simulator
    • Outdoor test platform for module testing under natural sunlight conditions
  • Inverter test rig
    • Simulator for 120 kVA 3-phase grid
    • 120 kW 3-phase resistive load
    • ­120 kW 3-phase capacitive load
    • 120 kW 3-phase inductive load
    • Non-linear load
  • Battery test rig
  • Automated control of charge and discharge cycles
  • Can perform simultaneously
    • 3 tests at 20 Vmax and 20 Amax
    • 1 test at 20 Vmax and 40 Amax
    • 1 test at 450 Vmax and 80 Amax
  • Close to the climatic chamber for controlling the temperature of the batteries under test
  • Rooftop photovoltaic generators with total capacity of 20 kWp for experimental use
    • 15 kWp AC connected to grid
    • 5 kWp DC
  • Climatic chamber
    • Control of temperature/humidity
    • Temperature range of -73°C to +177°C
    • Floor space 1.5m2, volume 1.8m3
  • Weather station

Managed by CanmetENERGY at the Varennes (Quebec) research centre.