Energy advisor exam process

For more details on the exam process, you are invited to read the Candidate Exam Handbook.

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For each of the exams, you are invited to read the appropriate Exam Competency Profiles found in the ERS-EnerGuide Rating System v15/ERS v.15 Competencies section of the File Exchange website. To obtain login details, please contact us at In the Subject section, please write “EG”.

EnerGuide Rating System Foundation Level Exam

The Foundation Level exam assesses foundational competencies such as numeracy, low-rise housing construction and renovation, building envelope, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, building science principles and the house-as-a-system concept.

Organizations such as Natural Resources Canada and Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation publish a variety of reference material available online which covers some of the competencies and learning objectives identified in the Foundation Level exam competency profile and which can be helpful to candidates to prepare for the exam. Candidates are also encouraged to review and study applicable reference material published by any other reputable organization or author in preparation for this exam.

Although the competency profile for the Foundation Level exam includes competencies and learning objectives in the areas of communication and computer skills, these are not assessed during the exam. However, candidates are expected to be competent in these areas.

EnerGuide Rating System Energy Advisor Exam

The recommended approach to prepare for the Energy Advisor exam is to review and study the competency profile along with the following applicable reference material available in the File Exchange website.

  • EnerGuide Rating System—Standard—Version 15.5
  • EnerGuide Rating System—Technical Procedures—Version 15.5
  • EnerGuide Rating System—HOT2000 User Guide—Version 15.5
  • EnerGuide Rating System—Administrative Procedures—Version 15.5
  • EnerGuide Rating System—Quality Assurance Procedures—Version 15.5
  • EnerGuide Rating System—Electronic File Submission User Guide—Version 15.5

The competency profile includes references for each learning objective, identifying the title of the reference material and its section number.