HOT2000 Software Suite

Download the version of HOT2000 software suite that meets your needs

HOT2000 is an energy simulation and design tool for low-rise residential buildings.  This software is widely used across Canada to support program, policy and regulatory development and implementation.  HOT2000 is developed and managed by the Office of Energy Efficiency at Natural Resources Canada.

General Public

Download HOT2000 v11.4 [ZIP - 95.7 MB]

Download HOT2000 v11.3 [ZIP - 104 MB]

Download HOT2000 v10.51 [ZIP - 13.0 MB]

Download HOT2000 v9.34c [ZIP - 10.1 MB]

Download HOT2000 ON Code MURB [ZIP - 13.9 MB]

Note: HOT2000 ON Code MURB is to be used only for the evaluation of low rise multi-unit residential buildings (MURB) for the Ontario building code.

Training and energy advisor versions

Download HOT2000 training and energy advisor version

Note: the complete download of HOT2000 can take a further 2 minutes after the “installation progress bar” indicates that the software has been downloaded.

In addition to meeting the requirements listed below, users must register with NRCan to obtain a password and receive appropriate software access privileges.  For additional information contact:

HOT2000 Version 11.0 Software Package Includes Access Requirements
ERS v15 Training Package
  1. HOT2000 v11 with EnerGuide Rating System version15 mode
  2. EnerGuide Rating System Report Generator (unprintable reports with “sample” watermarks)
  1. Previously qualified as an energy advisor or quality assurance specialist
  2. Achieve passing grade on the EnerGuide Foundation Level Exam.  See the Housing Division Resource Centre for complete information
ERS v15 Energy Advisor Package
  1. HOT2000 v11 with EnerGuide Rating System version15 mode
  2. EnerGuide Rating System Report Generator
  1. Qualified under EnerGuide Rating System v.15 requirements – see the Housing Division Resource Centre for complete information:

Access to the full EnerGuide Rating System versions of HOT2000 v9.34 and v10.51 is provided to qualified energy advisors through service organizations operating under license with Natural Resources Canada.  For more information, please contact:

More on HOT2000  

HOT2000 is the simulation engine for the EnerGuide Rating System for homes.  In 2015, updates to the rating system resulted in a new version of HOT2000 and new complementary report generation software.

HOT2000 software supports Natural Resources Canada’s EnerGuide Rating System (ERS), ENERGY STAR for New Homes (ESNH) and R-2000 energy efficiency residential programs.

Note that user support for HOT2000 is provided to certified and licensed program participants. General users can seek support from these program participants.