EnerGuide home evaluation


CONSUMER CAUTION! Homeowners should be aware of deceptive door-to-door sales tactics that claim to have ENERGY STAR or Natural Resources Canada backing. See more details.

What is an EnerGuide home evaluation?

An EnerGuide home evaluation is a service designed to help homeowners increase the energy-efficiency and comfort of their homes.

An EnerGuide evaluation provides useful information about your home’s energy performance that can help you make informed decisions when operating, renovating or purchasing a home.

Home energy use information


An evaluation will provide you with information that can help you better understand how your home uses energy so you can make the best energy efficiency choices to save on utility costs.

An EnerGuide rating and home label


When undertaking renovations or upgrades to your home, including energy efficiency measures makes sense in the context of Canada’s climate. An evaluation will help you make informed decisions about which upgrades would work best for your home, how to prioritize them and which will save you most on energy costs. An evaluation is the first step in smart home renovations.

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The energy efficiency rating of a home will show you the home's energy performance. Look for the EnerGuide label on the electrical panel to get a snapshot of the home’s energy performance at the time of the evaluation.


An EnerGuide home evaluation provides you with a comprehensive service

A visit by an energy advisor

A visit by an Energy Advisor

An energy advisor will come to your home to evaluate your home’s energy performance from the basement to the attic. These energy experts bring industry expertise right to your door.

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Home energy use information

An EnerGuide home evaluation gives you detailed information about your home’s energy performance and which house components are the best retrofit options for reducing energy consumption.

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An EnerGuide rating and home label

An EnerGuide rating demonstrates the energy performance of a home and the label is proof of that energy rating.

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Personalized recommendations may be provided through an evaluation report. These recommendations can help you make decisions about which upgrades or renovations would save the most energy and money while also improving the overall comfort in your home.

While energy advisors and service organizations use NRCan’s official marks, trademarks, and software under a licencing agreement, they operate as independent businesses, and are not agents, partners, or employees of NRCan. As well, NRCan does not endorse any builder or services of any energy advisor/service organization, or any specific product, and accepts no liability in the selection of builders, materials, products, or performance of workmanship.

There are also EnerGuide evaluations for new home construction

New homes. here and place For new homes…

For new homes, builders can work with energy advisors to identify energy performance upgrades in the design and construction phase. The builder can incorporate these upgrades to achieve higher energy performance of the home or offer energy upgrade option packages to homebuyers. Read more about EnerGuide rated new homes.

ENERGY STAR and R-2000 homes

If you own an ENERGY STAR or R-2000 home, your home already meets a high-level of energy efficiency and may also have an EnerGuide label. Consult with your builder to learn more about your home’s energy performance and equipment.