LEEP Gas Mechanical Technology Forums

LEEP Gas Mechanical Technology Forums are designed to support collaborative decisions on “best fit” mechanical systems for today’s homes, and are primarily for:

Builders and renovators: to help you deliver greater comfort throughout your more challenging homes during summer heat waves, winter cold spells, and all the part load conditions in-between; and to help you make collaborative decisions with your mechanical designer on “best fit” mechanical systems for your projects.

Designers and contractors: to use a new guide to quickly verify design decisions with builders and renovators so you can proceed with your designs expediently; and, to review innovative costed solutions for today’s homes using different types of gas mechanical systems in a case study home.

Building Officials: to consider emerging mechanical solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s homes, both in terms of equipment and air distribution; and, provide you with guides you can consider as you review installations in your jurisdictions. Qualifies for OBOA credits in Ontario.

Coming to: Saskatoon, Regina and Ottawa this fall, winter and spring.

LEEP Gas Mechanical Forum – Toronto, ON                       November 15, 2018
Registration: https://www.ohba.ca/product/registration-2018-leep-gas-mechanicals-technology-forum/

Watch this website for updates, or, if you prefer to receive update notifications, please email us at: nrcan.leep.rncan@canada.ca, with “Request to be notified of LEEP GAS TECHNOLOGY Forum updates” in the Subject line of your email.