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Why choose an R-2000 home?

When you invest in an R-2000 home, you get a home that saves energy, is more comfortable and healthier to live in, and is more environmentally friendly. It is a greener home you can be proud to own.

Saving energy

Saving on your energy bills is an important consideration when investing in your home.

R-2000 homes are some of the most energy-efficient homes on the market. Every R-2000 home must meet a high energy efficiency performance target that is specific to the home and climate where you live. This feature allows you to have the home of your dreams and gives the designer and the builder the flexibility to choose the most effective and economical way to build your R-2000 home.

All R-2000 homes have high levels of insulation and an airtight building envelope, which translates into energy savings for you.

Your actual cost savings would depend on:

  • The local costs of your main fuel source
  • The number of people living in the home
  • Your lifestyle

Investing in your health and comfort


For 30 years, R-2000 homes have set the standard for indoor air quality. This means healthier indoor air for you and your family. With R-2000, you get clean air features that go beyond those required by building codes. This includes a balanced, whole-house mechanical ventilation system that is professionally installed in every R-2000 home. This system removes stale air from your home and delivers fresh air to every room of the house.

To further protect indoor air quality, you can ask your builder to use products that protect the indoor environment such as:

  • carpet that is certified green
  • water-based paints and varnishes
  • an air filtration system

R-2000 homes are also designed to keep indoor moisture levels at an appropriate level. This is especially important since mould can grow under moist conditions and compromise indoor air quality.

High-efficiency sealed-combustion heating systems also help ensure that dangerous combustion products don't get into your home and affect your family's health.


The high standards set for an R-2000 home certification ensure that you enjoy a more comfortable home.

Upon completion, every R-2000-certified home is airtightness tested. The test is carried out by an independent technician that has been certified through the R-2000 program. The test verifies that the construction of the home conforms to the stringent airtightness requirements of the R-2000 Standard. This ensures fewer drafts in your home and keeps the temperature more consistent inside.

The added insulation and your builder’s attention to detail when constructing the home minimize winter drafts and cold spots. The mechanical ventilation system keeps your house fresh and comfortable. Because the walls and windows in an R-2000 home typically perform better than those of a conventionally built home, they also help keep the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

A well-insulated home and high-performance windows also mean that you hear less outside noise and enjoy a quieter living environment.

In addition to being well insulated, R-2000 homes are designed to take advantage of the sun's energy during the winter. Energy-efficient windows can provide a larger window area and more light without boosting your heating costs.

Protecting the environment

By using significantly less energy for heating and cooling, you help to meet Canada’s climate change goals, and reduce air pollutants. Your builder will take additional measures to use resources efficiently and protect the environment.

R-2000 homes lessen our negative impact on the environment by:

Reducing greenhouse gases

The energy efficiency built into every R-2000 home helps reduce greenhouse gases by reducing the need to combust fossil fuels. Carbon dioxide (CO2) that is produced when we burn oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels is the most significant cause of climate change. The average new home in Canada releases five tonnes of CO2 each year.

Creating a market for recycled products

R-2000-certified homes may contain advanced building products made from recycled materials. These can include drywall, wood and steel studs, insulation, roofing, concrete and even carpeting. By providing a market for these new products, R-2000 helps make our recycling efforts work.

Protecting water quality

Every R-2000 home comes with a number of water-conserving fixtures—this means your community has less water to purify and less sewage to treat. Water conservation makes great environmental sense. It also cuts your monthly energy and utility costs.

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