EnerGuide rated new homes

Picture of newly constructed homes

In the market for a new home?

  1. Talk to your builder about the energy performance of your home and ask for an EnerGuide rating.
  2. Choose a new home with high EnerGuide rating and save on your utility bills.
  3. Choose a builder who uses the government-backed EnerGuide Rating System to improve the energy performance of their homes.

Why choose an EnerGuide rated new home?

  • Investments you make in energy efficiency at the construction stage will pay off in lower energy bills.
  • An EnerGuide rating, label and report will help you better understand your home’s energy performance, which may help you reduce your energy use and save on utility bills.
  • An EnerGuide label is an official record of your home’s energy performance, and may help increase its resale value.
  • EnerGuide is backed by the government of Canada and all participating builders must be registered with Natural Resources Canada.
  • Become part of the solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing climate change.