The Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC):

  • is a partnership between private industry and the federal Government
  • aims to promote and improve Canada's industrial energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy use in the industrial sector
  • includes close to 2400 companies and trade associations
  • encourages energy management best practices through dialogue and collaboration via an Executive Board, Task Force Council and sector task forces
  • recognizes and rewards those who lead the way

Our Mission

To promote effective voluntary action that reduces industrial energy use per unit of production, thereby improving economic performance while participating in meeting Canada's climate change objectives.

Executive Board

Overall direction for CIPEC is provided by the CIPEC Executive Board. It comprises senior executives from Canada's leading industrial companies who are champions of energy efficiency.

Task Force Council

The CIPEC Task Force Council coordinates the activities of sector task forces and helps establish program priorities. The Chairs of each of the sector task forces make up the Task Force Council, which works on projects such as the CIPEC annual report. The annual report documents industrial energy use trends and publicizes energy efficiency success stories.

CIPEC sector task forces set targets and develop action plans for improving energy efficiency in 21 industrial sectors. Task force members also share information and identify common needs and best practices. More than 50 industrial associations and hundreds of companies come together to form the task forces. 

CIPEC Leaders

Individual companies help turn CIPEC targets into action by becoming CIPEC Leaders. Close to 2400 companies across Canada have registered as CIPEC Leaders by making a commitment to establish and work toward energy efficiency targets. By joining, these companies gain access to products and services to help manage their energy use more efficiently.

CIPEC Secretariat

CIPEC's Secretariat services are provided by the Office of Energy Efficiency. Industry Officers provide support to CIPEC Leader companies and work with CIPEC task forces to organize meetings, benchmark energy intensity in various industry sectors, and develop energy efficiency guidebooks, case studies and other technical information.

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