Financial assistance for process integration and computational fluid dynamics studies

Financial assistance for process integration (PI) studies and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies can help lower the cost of hiring a technical firm to do these types of assessments.

Funding provided by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is available to organizations in all provinces and territories.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) will provide financial assistance of up to 50 percent of eligible costs, to a maximum of $40,000. When the financial assistance is combined with other sources of funding, NRCan may adjust its level of funding so that the combined level of financial assistance from all public sources (including provincial-territorial-municipal governments and Crown-owned utilities) does not exceed 75 percent of total eligible costs.

Plants undertaking PI and CFD studies typically have complex energy systems with many heat exchangers. They use large amounts of energy – usually more than 75,000 gigajoules per year.

Process integration (PI) studies

A PI study is a global energy analysis that looks at

  • how your organization uses heat
  • where you can recover heat
  • what could be the best use for that heat in your facility

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) studies

CFD studies analyze fluid flow and heat transfer in industrial processes. They identify the most efficient ways to design and operate systems.

Understanding the nature of how liquids and gases interact with surfaces can make systems more efficient, lower emissions, and help with the performance of parametric studies and the assessment of design performance.


To be eligible for financial assistance, a company must have its proposal approved by NRCan before beginning its PI or CFD study and be registered with NRCan as a CIPEC Leader.

A facility must also

  • commit to provide an energy performance improvement plan as part of the final project report submitted to NRCan
  • ensure the plan addresses the general requirements of an energy management system, including energy performance improvement targets, the projects to be implemented, their associated costs and savings, the implementation timeline and monitoring and reporting of results
  • commit to monitor and report on results for a specified period of time

Read about NRCan’s four-step funding process.

Learn how to prepare a proposal for financial assistance.

Email NRCan’s Administrator, Industrial Programs for detailed information about PI and CFD studies.