Preparing a Proposal

When applying for an ISO 50001 Implementation Pilot or an energy management project, companies must first submit a written proposal that includes the project's goals and objectives, scope and cost.

A template for submitting a proposal is available upon request. The proposal must be on company letterhead and signed by an authorized company officer.

The proposal should include the following details:

  1. Background and objective
    Provide brief statement of the background and measurable objective(s) for the project. The final outcome must be a continuous energy management system in accordance with the criteria of the standard.
  2. Statement of Work
    Describe the project tasks/activities (e.g. Energy Review, Energy Baseline, Energy Performance Indicators, Energy Measurement Plan, Energy Action Plans, Energy Training plan, Energy policy, etc.).
  3. Deliverables
    Outline what NRCan will receive from the organization.

    The deliverables for an ISO 50001 Implementation Pilot should include:
    • Status Reports(these reports will explain briefly what stage of the EMS implementation is achieved and if the work schedule is followed or if there are delays);
    • Planning Report (Work Plan)(may include energy review; energy baseline; energy performance indicators; objectives, targets and action plans; training, awareness and communication plan);
    • Final Report(including report of energy performance improvement and implementation of ISO 50001, details on the measures undertaken to meet ISO 50001; performance report).

    The deliverables for an energy management project should include progress reports, studies/presentations developed and a final project report including achievements on all outlined tasks, outputs and outcomes. The final deliverable should include an energy performance improvement plan or any acceptable energy management report. This must address the general requirements of an energy management system, including energy performance improvement targets, projects to be implemented and their associated energy savings and other savings, and a project implementation timeline.

  4. Work schedule
    Provide the start date and measurable milestones/phases of the project and who will be undertaking each work component (such as the coordinator will spend X time performing Y duties in Phase 1, etc.).
  5. Project Costing
    Provide a breakdown of the estimated project costs by task in accordance with eligible expenses (see the proposal template). All expenses and claims submitted by an association or company under the ecoENERGY Efficiency for Industry financial assistance program must be accompanied by a receipt or proof of cost incurred. For salaries paid by the company, submit a summary including the number of employees, rate of pay and estimated hours.
  6. Terms of Payment
    Provide the planned payment schedule for the project (e.g. by phase, quarterly, etc.). Identify all sources of funding (e.g. multiple incentive programs, etc.).
  7. Declarations
    Provide the proposal on company letterhead, signed by an authorized company officer to declare that by signing the proposal all the following conditions have been met:
    1. Your organization is a CIPEC Leader;
    2. Your organization has the management, financial and technical resources to fulfill the undertaking;
    3. (For ISO 50001 Implementation Pilots only) Your organization will develop a sustainable energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001 standard;
    4. No former public servants to whom the Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment Code for Public Office Holders or the Values and Ethics Code for the Public Service apply are involved in the project;
    5. Your organization will submit reports during and at the end of the project, but also commit to monitor and report on results on an annual basis for the next three years (or as agreed) following the end of the project; and
    6. Your organization will wait for a written confirmation of the approval of NRCan before undertaking this service to remain eligible for the funding.

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