Process Integration and Computational Fluid Dynamics Studies - Eligibility

To be eligible for financial assistance, a company must have its proposal approved by NRCan before beginning its Process Integration (PI) or Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study.

To be eligible for financial assistance, an industrial facility must be registered with Natural Resources Canada as a CIPEC Leader.

To be eligible for the PI or CFD Study financial assistance,

  • a facility must make a commitment to provide an energy performance improvement plan as part of the final project report submitted to NRCan. This plan must address the general requirements of an energy management system including energy performance improvement targets, the projects to be implemented, their associated costs and savings, the implementation timeline and monitoring and reporting of results. The facility must make a commitment to monitor and report on results for a specified period of time; and
  • a facility must have complex energy systems involving numerous heat exchangers and energy-intensive equipment. Moreover, the facility must consume more than 75 000 GJ in thermal energy annually, equivalent to natural gas consumption of more than 2 000 000 m3 per year.

About PI and CFD Financial Assistance

Funding Process

Preparing a Proposal