Process Integration and Computational Fluid Dynamics Studies – Funding Process

To be eligible for financial assistance, a company must have its proposal approved by NRCan before beginning its Process Integration (PI) or Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) study.

There are three steps to the funding process:

Step 1: Application

  1. Develop a proposal for the PI or CFD study. If you don't have an engineering firm of record that is qualified to perform this type of study, e-mail Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).

    NOTE: for a contracting firm to be considered qualified it must be either an engineering consulting firm or a team of individuals with experience performing PI studies (as well as energy and mass balance analyses) or CFD studies.
  2. Submit the proposal to NRCan.
  3. NRCanwill review the proposal and, if it is accepted, will contact you to establish a Contribution Agreement to help fund the study.

Step 2: Implementation

  1. Arrange for your contractor to perform the PI or CFD study.
  2. Pay your contractor when the work has been completed to your satisfaction.

Step 3: Reimbursement

  1. Submit a claim with supporting documents to NRCan within three months of the study's end date.
  2. NRCan will review and approve the claim and final report.
  3. You will receive a reimbursement cheque at the end of the project after the final report and claim has been accepted by NRCan.

About PI and CFD Financial Assistance


Preparing a Proposal