Technical Information

Below you'll find technical guides and other information related to energy management in the industrial sectors.


  • Energy Savings Toolbox – An Energy Audit Manual and Tool (Cat. No. M144-101-2011-MRC)
    Order | PDF (36.7 MB) | Excel spreadsheets (ZIP format 300 KB)
  • Energy Management Information Systems – Planning Manual and Tool (Cat. No. M144-210-2010E-PDF) Order | PDF (ZIP format 5.54 MB) | Excel Spreadsheets (ZIP format 124 KB)
  • Energy Management Information Systems (Cat. No. M144-54/2004E)
    HTML | PDF (1.1 MB)
  • Energy-Efficient Motor Systems Assessment Guide (Cat. No. M92-165/2004E)
    HTML | PDF (5.34 MB)

Case Studies

  • Case study: Catalyst Paper (Crofton) ISO 50001 certification – A strong mandate to cut costs leads to a cultural shift toward improving energy efficiency (Cat. No. M134-32/10-2016E-PDF) PDF (296KB)
  • Case study: Global Wood Concepts Ltd. – Toronto furniture manufacturer first in Canada to earn 50001 certification (Cat. No. 134-32/9-2016E-PDF) PDF (219KB)
  • Case study: Origin Organic Farms Inc. – Steady progress toward adopting ISO 50001  (Cat. No. 134-42/2016E-PDF) PDF (374KB)
  • Case study: Campbell Company of Canada – Making the most of a new combined heat and power system (Cat. No. 134-41/2016E-PDF) PDF (251KB)
  • Case study: Goldcorp Red Lake Mine – Ramping up to corporate-wide energy management with Dollars to $ense Energy Management workshops (Cat. No. 134-32/11-2016E-PDF) PDF (1.08MB)
  • Case study: Chrysler Group LLC’s Brampton assembly plant – first automotive assembly plant in Canada to achieve ISO 50001 saves millions in energy costs (Cat. No. M134-32/8-2015E-PDF) PDF (470KB)
  • Case study: IBM Bromont manufacturing plant cuts energy consumption by 9.2 percent and saves $550,000 in 2013 (Cat. No. M134-32/6-2014E-PDF) PDF (1.23MB)
  • Case study: Lincoln Electric – motivated staff are a big reason for Lincoln Electric becoming the fourth Canadian company to achieve ISO 50001 certification (Cat. No. M134-32/5-2014E-PDF) PDF (1.33MB)
  • Case study: New Gold Inc. New Afton Mine – total annual energy savings have exceeded 2.4 gigawatt-hours since ISO 50001 was established in the first quarter of 2014 (Cat. No. M134-32/7-2014E-PDF) PDF (1.28MB)
  • Case study: Maple Leaf Foods Inc. reaps long-term benefits from process integration (Cat. No. M134-32/2-2013E-PDF) PDF, (778 KB)
  • Case study: St. Marys Cement’s Bowmanville plant is the first to achieve ISO 50001 certification (Cat. No. M134-32/4-2013E-PDF) PDF, (891 KB)
  • Case study: 3M Canada’s Brockville plant achieves ISO 50001 certification (Cat. No. M134-32/3-2013-PDF) PDF, (587 KB)


  • Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) produced the following videos through their Save on Energy program.
    • Pillars of Efficiency
    • When behavioural, organizational and technological change come together, the changes become unstoppable and the benefits, undeniable.

    • Why hire an energy manager?
    • Energy Efficiency is the money you don’t pay.

    • KI Canada
    • CIPEC Leader company KI Canada educated its technicians to save money.

    • Lear Corporation
    • The Lear Ajax facility initiated innovations in energy efficiency that made it a leader for other Lear locations around the world.

    • 3M Canada
    • With annual savings of $1.5 million, CIPEC Leader 3M Canada credits energy efficiency as a major factor in keeping its costs competitive and maintaining its workforce in Canada.

    • Valiant TMS
    • Employees at Valiant TMS saw an opportunity to increase the company’s bottom line and reduce its carbon footprint by being more energy efficient.

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