Employee Awareness Program: Toolkit

Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan's) Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) offers a number of free, ready-to-use resources that will help you develop and deliver an effective Employee Awareness Program (EAP).

The EAP toolkit includes the Team Up for Energy Savings guide, posters, fact sheets, slide presentations and a sticker. You can order these items from NRCan either individually or in the complete Employee Awareness toolkit.

You can also download electronic versions from this page in low or high-resolution formats for your company's use and reproduction.

  • Low-resolution format
    Purpose: easy-to-use home / small business publishing
    Usage: Web/Digital
  • High-resolution format
    Purpose: to produce professional high-quality output for printing or to export the artwork for use in other applications
    Usage: Offset Printing

If you have any questions about this material or about how to get started with an EAP, please contact the Industrial Programs Division by telephone at 613-996-6891 or by e-mail.


The Team Up for Energy Savings guide uses an easy three-step approach to help you build an energy-saving culture in your workplace. Whether you are a medium-sized enterprise or a corporate giant, you can adapt all the steps in this guide to suit your organization's needs.

The guide has three sections:

  • Assembling your team
  • Planning and implementing your EAP
  • Follow-up and evaluation to maintain momentum

You will also find communications tools, themes, tips and ideas that have worked in other Canadian workplaces, with some "real-life" EAP success stories included for inspiration.



You can display these 11" x 17" posters on bulletin boards, walls, hallways, lunchrooms, training rooms, and any other visible location. Choose from the general team poster or posters on lighting, compressed air, HVAC, Fans and Pumps, Steam & Condensate Piping, and Waste Heat Recovery, or display all seven!
















Fact Sheets

These fact sheets include easy-to-use checklists with suggestions for housekeeping, low-cost and retrofit opportunities to help you reduce your energy consumption. Great for an EAP Campaign.














Slide Presentations

These slide presentations include speaking notes to help you quickly move ahead with your Employee Awareness Program. The presentations can be used in your campaign to encourage your employees to take action to reduce energy consumption.

To view the slides online, click on the presentation link below and select “Open”.

To view the slides and the speaking notes, right click on the mouse and choose the “Save target as” function. This enables you to save the presentation to your computer, view the speaking notes and modify the presentation to suit your organization's needs.


Stickers are an excellent way to remind employees to use energy-efficient practices at the source. Place these easy-to-use, low-adhesive stickers, throughout your organization where they will have the most impact – in such places as on/off switches, meters, and entry and exit points.

Team Up Sticker