Links of Interest

Home Energy Conservation for Kids

Saving energy is a big deal. It’s important for people, and it is important for the planet, too. Why is it important? To make energy, natural resources are used. To learn more about how to conserve energy at home and at school, visit this site.

Renewable Energy

The term “renewable energy” refers to several energy sources that share one characteristic: they all produce electrical, thermal or mechanical energy without unnecessarily depleting resources. This makes these sources very important to energy conservation. Check out this site to find out more about renewable energy.

SEEDS Foundation – Energy Literacy Series

The SEEDS Foundation provides easy to use energy and environmental education programs that are fit with provincial and territorial curricula. SEEDS Energy Literacy Series is a web-based secondary school program that students and teachers use to explore the sources, uses, and issues of ten energy sources.

E-Zone - Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks

E-Zone gives elementary school teachers, parents and students access to dynamic, practical, and inspiring information on environmental issues. E-zone encourages children to become everyday environmental heroes themselves, and suggests easy ways to get started.

Become an EcoSchool

EcoSchools is a province-wide initiative that ignites environmental action within the school by involving children in reducing waste, conserving energy, “greening” the school ground and classroom learning about Climate Change.