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Five tips to fight allergy season

For millions of Canadians, allergy season is in full swing. While there might not be much you can do to control the pollen outside, we've got some tips to help you beat allergy season inside your home.

  1. Responsive imageKeep cool inside and stop the sniffles. Your room air conditioner can do a lot more than keep you cool. When your A/C filters the air in your home, it helps pull out dust and pet hair that could be causing your allergies. And with an ENERGY STAR certified high-efficiency air conditioner, you don't have to worry about your utility bill going through the roof.
  2. Change or clean your filters. If you've been running your room air conditioner a lot this summer and you're still suffering from allergies, you may need to change the unit's filter. Clean or replace the filter once a month so that it's not clogged up with allergens and can still work effectively. That can also reduce the amount of energy your A/C uses by 5-15%. If you have an HRV, the filter needs to be cleaned every 1-3 months. Worth it if it means fewer sneeze attacks!
  3. Wash everything. Did you know you could be wearing the source of your allergies? Dust, pet hair, and even pollen can build up in any fabric in your home, including your clothes. To eliminate these allergens, wash all fabric items using the hottest setting on your machine. When using hot water, make sure to only use as much water as you need to get the job done. Add even more to your savings with an ENERGY STAR certified laundry combo.
  4. Use an air purifier. If you need some extra relief, try using an air purifier to filter airborne irritants out of your home. It eliminates bad odours, too. Look for the blue ENERGY STAR symbol to use, on average, 40% less energy than a standard model.
  5. Responsive imageUpgrade your windows and doors. If you're a non-stop allergy sufferer looking for a longer-term solution, it may be time to replace your windows and doors with ENERGY STAR certified ones. An older frame with holes and weather seals with leaks could be the source of allergens in your home. ENERGY STAR certified windows and doors are as much as 40% more efficient than standard products, so upgrading is a win-win: keep the sniffle-causing stuff out and your bills low!

Good luck, allergy sufferers! We'll see you on the other side of this sniffly season. *Achoo!*

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