Green Freight Assessment Program

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The Green Freight Assessment Program provides contributions up to $10,000 to Canadian companies to review the state of their fleets to help make informed decisions to reduce their fuel costs, and their greenhouse gas emissions.

Learn about the Green Freight Assessment Program
Learn how this program can help your company identify solutions for reducing operating costs and emissions.

Supply Chain Modernization
Launching in Spring 2019, this project will fund new improvements and opportunities in the green freight sector.

How to apply
The deadline to apply has passed. We will be opening a second round of applications in Spring 2019.

Case Studies
Browse through the top performing and most improved companies and see how their results were achieved.

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The deadline to apply for your green freight assessment has now passed.
Visit us again in Spring 2019 as we will be opening a second round of applications!


What is the Green Freight Assessment Program?

The Green Freight Assessment Program (GFAP) is designed with Canadian fleets in mind! Industry consultations have identified financial challenges and lack of information as the main barrier for implementing emission-reducing strategies. GFAP will help eliminate these barriers and help Canadian companies make informed decisions specific to their operations. 

This program offers contributions of up to $10,000 for companies who are ready to take a deep dive into their operations. The assessment will determine the company’s performance baseline and build scenarios to test strategies to identify solutions for poor performing areas of their fleet and operations. 

Successful program applicants who complete an assessment will be considered for participation in a Pilot Implementation Project, providing additional funding to help finance solutions as outlined in the assessment. These companies will have an opportunity to promote the results of their assessment and indicate how GFAP led them to their newly efficient operations.

What can a Green Freight Assessment do for your company?

A Green Freight Assessment will help your company review its operations to determine where there are opportunities for improvement. This assessment will not only look at the fleet portrait as a whole, but also identify behavioural and operational opportunities that may be available to optimize business operations. This is more than just adding side skirts! The recommendations will help business owners and operators make informed decisions to ultimately reduce operating costs and increase profits while having a positive impact on the environment.

Supply Chain Modernization

Visit us this Fall for details. Applications for this component of the program will also be available in Spring 2019!

The supply chain modernization will explore opportunities for research and modernization in the green freight sector through contributions of up to $100,000. Launching in Spring 2019, this funding will allow for exploration in new and exciting projects to help streamline the supply chain such as modal shift, eliminating empty hauls, improved loading practice and warehouse efficiencies while tracking and sharing of best practices. Stay tuned for more details.

How to apply

GFAP provides access to freight efficiency tools and information to all Heavy Duty fleets across Canada with the goal of offering equal opportunity for all fleets to benefit from the program. NRCan is committed to providing a fair opportunity to all types of carriers from coast to coast while pursuing a unified goal to improve energy efficiency across Canada.

Case Studies – Coming soon!

What drove a company to a successful Green Freight Assessment? How did a company who was a low-performer succeed amongst their peers? The voluntary case studies will explore high performing fleets who found success through GFAP and highlight the decision and improvements that resulted in their environmental stewardship.