Hydrogen & Fuel Cells

Hydrogen and fuel cells are able to produce electricity with zero emissions. They are flexible in size, power density and application. These technologies present enormous environmental and sustainable energy benefits for the world. Canada is one of the world’s largest per capita producers of hydrogen and a global leader in these technologies making hydrogen and fuel cells an ideal energy option for our country.

Many Canadian advances are being made in the transportation and materials handling sectors. Examples include: hydrogen fuelling stations and vehicles such as forklifts, airport baggage-tuggers, personal vehicles and shuttle buses. Other markets are working towards different applications for the technologies including: micro fuel cells/portable applications (e.g. laptops, flashlights and cellular phones) and stationary applications (e.g. off-grid and backup power for computers and buildings). Advancements in the hydrogen infrastructure are also evolving (e.g. waste hydrogen capture and purification, production, distribution and storage).

Since the early 1980s, many advancements in Canadian hydrogen and fuel cell technology have been made. Current efforts in research and development (R&D) are continuing to progress this alternative energy option so that it is affordable and available to consumers.