Low carbon fuels

Biodiesel fuelling station
Biodiesel fuelling station in Ottawa, Ontario

As the world’s energy supply is diversifying, the need for research and development of cleaner alternative fuels and energy-efficient technologies for transportation is increasing.
At CanmetENERGY, we are working to improve fuel quality, fuel usage and engine performance of alternative fuels and transportation technologies to increase energy efficiency and reduce emissions from the transportation sector. Our Research and Development (R&D) is currently focused on biofuels and advanced engine technologies.
Biofuels — such as biodiesel, biogas and ethanol — are evaluated for their characteristics, environmental quality and performance in different modes of transportation. This information is used to help determine the potential for using different fuels, their market acceptance and the development of new regulations.

E85 Ethanol

R&D in advanced engine technologies is examining new engine technologies and improving the efficiency of traditional internal combustion engines. Studies are conducted to test and evaluate engine designs and system components such as combustion, emissions, fuel injection and processes for exhaust after-treatment that remove pollutants.

Our advanced demonstrations are typically in areas of marine, rail, long-haul trucking, agricultural and forest applications and equipment. These demonstrations allow for testing of vehicles under different terrains and conditions (e.g. highways vs. inner-city driving). This data helps to determine fuel efficiency, viability and operation costs, which feed back to the research and development.
We are also involved in developing safety and performance codes and standards for alternative fuels with the Canadian Standards Association External Hyperlink and the Canadian General Standards Board External Hyperlink and are participants in the International Energy Agency’s — Advanced Motor Fuels  External Hyperlinkprogram.
To find out more about our work on advanced fuels visit the transportation links page,  the Oil Sands section or the Bioenergy section .