Hybrid & electric vehicles

Electricity as an alternative transportation fuel is becoming a near-term reality for Canada. Hybrid and electric vehicle technology offers many environmental and energy-saving advantages over current vehicle technologies that run solely on conventional fuels such as gasoline or diesel.

At CanmetENERGY, researchers and scientists are working to develop advanced battery technology and related vehicle components for hybrid and electric vehicles. There are a myriad of mix and matches of fuels and technologies that can power these hybrid and electric vehicles. A common goal is to develop on-board energy-storage mediums, such as batteries and fuel cells, and alternative clean fuels for use in these vehicles. Safety, codes and standards are also a major component in moving the technologies into the market.

CanmetENERGY, along with other federal agencies and departments, partnered with the Canadian electric vehicle industry to produce an electric vehicle roadmap (evTRM) which was completed in the spring of 2010. The evTRM identified a number of strategic initiatives needed to support the implementation of electric vehicles on Canadian roads.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles - Explained

Hybrid electric vehicles get their power from 2 power sources. Current hybrid vehicles use an internal combustion engine fuelled by gasoline, diesel or a biofuel, and an electric motor and batteries. The batteries in a hybrid electric vehicle obtain power while the vehicle is being driven (i.e. during idling, coasting and braking). Plug-in hybrid vehicles are a type of hybrid vehicle with the additional ability to recharge batteries by plugging into the grid.

lithium Ion battery

Advanced lithium Ion battery
for electric vehicles

All-Electric Vehicles - Explained

All-electric vehicles operate solely on electricity. Battery electric vehicles run on an electric motor that is battery powered. When the batteries run low, they are recharged by plugging into the grid. Another example of an all-electric vehicle is one that uses a combination of fuel cell and battery. The battery could be recharged by the fuel cell while underway. This combination would increase the distance that a vehicle can be driven and generate zero emissions.

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