Auto$mart driver training

Get a distinctive new course offering and an edge over your competition with the Auto$mart driver-training program. Featuring four modules, several exercises and a series of short audio-visual segments on fuel-efficient driving techniques and considerations, the program can be completely customized for your classroom or in-vehicle instruction.

If you are a driver educator or are involved in driver training and wish to incorporate the Auto$mart Driver Education Kit into your training program, register today. Schools that register will be added to the "Find a driving school near you," section of our Web site, unless you indicate otherwise on your registration form.

To help you incorporate the lessons of the four modules into your curriculum, the program kit comes complete with:

  • An Instructor's Guide and accompanying video with tips and tricks for engaging students.
  • A Student Workbook full of engaging exercises and insightful lessons.
  • A series of 4 video segments that bring the content of the program’s modules to life.
  • An instructor’s version of the Student Workbook that provides answers to exercise questions and topic suggestions for group discussions.
  • A magnet which will identify your vehicle as Auto$mart registered.

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