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Introducing the Auto$mart program

The Auto$mart Driver Education program is split into two sections. The first section contains information designed to help you, the Driver Educator incorporate the learning objectives into your existing curriculum.

The second section of the Auto$mart kit is comprised of four modules that cover the reasons climate change is such a real concern, and the important steps students can take—on and off the road—to reduce their fuel consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions:

AutoSmart overview page

Purpose, Contents, Incorporation and Recommendations: This section will provide driver educators with the necessary steps to integrate Auto$mart training into their existing program, the anatomy of a lesson as well as teaching tips.

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Module 1: Driving and the environment—explores the correlation between driving (and the burning of fossil fuels) and the health of the planet, as well as the seriousness of climate change and its impact on Canadian people, communities and wildlife.

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Module 2: Behind the wheel—introduces the five simple driving techniques students can use to cut their fuel consumption, operating costs and environmental impact by as much as 25 percent.

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Module 3: The vehicle for you—teaches students that what they drive affects their fuel consumption as much as how they drive, as well as the fuel-efficient features to look for in new and used vehicles.

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Module 4: Driving tune-up—reviews all of the lessons students learned in the previous three modules.

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