Trip Planning Tips

Plan your trips, track your fuel, and save

Get the most out of your tank and your time on the road with these five travel-management tips:

  1. Plan ahead.

    Map out your route, especially if it’s long. Where possible and prudent, use four-lane rather than two-lane highways and avoid roads that cut through major cities and are dotted with stoplights, intersections and pedestrians. On shorter trips, listen to traffic reports and pick routes that—while perhaps longer—enable you to steer clear of accidents, road construction, steep hills and other trouble spots.

    Whatever your destination, always give yourself enough time to get there. Without the stress of running late, you’ll be more likely to brake gently, accelerate slowly, avoid high speeds and enjoy your ride.

  2. Combine trips.

    Run your errands one after the other, planning your route to avoid backtracking and rush-hour traffic. The longer excursion will enable your vehicle’s engine to warm up to the temperature at which it converts energy most efficiently.

  3. Track your fuel consumption.

    Challenge yourself to cut your fuel consumption. For example, aim to make a tank of fuel last two weeks, or try to keep your monthly fuel costs below a certain amount. To help you achieve your goals, use Natural Resources Canada’s Track Your Fuel Consumption tool. This online app enables you to calculate your fuel consumption and compare it to manufacturers’ base ratings and the results of other drivers with the same vehicle.

  4. Use a vehicle suited to your needs.

    Check out Natural Resources Canada’s Fuel Consumption Guide for a complete list of vehicles sold in Canada, along with their fuel-consumption ratings and estimated annual carbon dioxide emissions. Use the information in the guide to help you select the most fuel-efficient vehicle for your daily needs.

  5. Drive less often.

    The most obvious way to cut your fuel consumption is to spend less time in your car. Walk or bike to your destination and you’ll drop your fuel consumption to zero while enjoying the benefits of a healthier lifestyle. Take the bus or join a car or van pool and you’ll join the other passengers in saving fuel and preventing tonnes of air pollutants from being emitted each year.

    Another way to minimize your time on the road is to work from home whenever possible. Every day you telecommute reduces the amount of fuel you use each week to get to and from work by 20 percent.