Anticipate Traffic

Plan your manoeuvres well in advance to maintain your vehicle’s momentum. Read the road ahead, anticipate road disruptions, monitor the movements of pedestrians and other vehicles, and keep a comfortable distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. These driving techniques will enable you to keep your speed as steady as possible and avoid unnecessary fuel consumption and safety risks. 

Image illustrates an automobile speedometer where numerous needles are positioned at a multitude of speeds.

Safety always comes first. Slow down in construction zones and when the weather is bad, and stop fully at stop signs and red lights. You’re on a journey to save money and the environment; make sure you live to enjoy the adventure.


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[Arial view: Animated red car drives on road map.]

[Car drives along road and pulls into a road that has cars ahead of it.]

[Cut to video of actual traffic: Point of view of the driver looking at the many cars up ahead.]

[1-Or some one stopped at a red, frustrated
2-eco driver-times the light –slows down before the light, maintains a good gap and never comes to a full stop before the light turns green.]


"There is nothing worse than being stuck in traffic. Moving inches every few minutes and being parked on roadways, on top of pumping up your gas bill and causing needless C02 emissions from entering the atmosphere, it will drive you mad.

However, there is something you can do. By anticipating the flow of traffic and reacting accordingly you will not only protect yourself and your family on the road but also increase your fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, minimize the strain on your wallet and lessen your frustration!"

[Animated car on going along a road]

[Animated Blue car on road map stops at a red light abruptly.
Graphic of Fuel Consumption Gauge: dial is turning as fuel consumption increases quickly.]

[Animated Red car on road map pulls up to a red light. Car slows down gradually
Graphic of Fuel Consumption Gauge: dial is turning slowly as fuel consumption increases gradually.]

[Cut to driver in car
POV of driver looking ahead at the car in front. Keeping a good distance]

[Cut of tires as car pull away.]


"The principle behind this tip calls on drivers to maintain the vehicle’s momentum and avoid coming to a full stop unless absolutely necessary.

Without breaking any road regulations drivers can easily anticipate traffic and proactively manage their place within traffic to minimize slowdowns, red lights, and other interruptions. 

Anticipating traffic also avoids hard braking, which is often followed by rapid acceleration. The number one rule is to leave plenty of space between you and the vehicle in front of you and to plan your manoeuvres well in advance.

Anticipating the flow of traffic not only reduces your fuel use but it will also save you money by limiting the additional wear and tear on your brakes and tires."

[Red car on road map driving
Graphic on screen]

[Fuel Efficient Driving can lead to 5% to over 25% in savings]


"Over the course of a year, the savings for fuel efficient drivers can range from 5% to over 25%.”

Anticipate traffic and be proactive on the road because it pays to drive efficiently!"

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