Take Action

Challenge yourself

Committed to saving money and shrinking your environmental footprint? Download and print a personal action plan. Once you’ve set your fuel-savings target, hang the action plan in a place where you’ll see it often. Regular reminders will help rekindle your motivation and enable you to review the actions you can take to achieve your goal.

Your Personal Action Plan

Your fuel-savings target: ………%

Ways to reach your goal

  1. Drive for maximum fuel efficiency
    • Accelerate gently
    • Maintain a steady speed
    • Anticipate traffic
    • Coast to decelerate
    • Avoid high speeds
  2. Think before you drive
    • Drive less often
    • Plan ahead
    • Combine trips
    • Track fuel consumption
    • Use a vehicle suited to your needs
  3. Other tips and tricks
    • Avoid unnecessary idling
    • Measure tire pressure monthly
    • Remove roof or bicycle racks not in use
    • Avoid carrying unnecessary weight
    • Use air conditioning sparingly
    • Use a fuel consumption display