Auto$mart Driver Education Kit

Register today for the new “Auto$mart – A New Point of View” workshop and Driver Education Kit!

If you are a driving instructor or are involved in driver training and wish to incorporate “Auto$mart – A New Point of View” into your training program, learn how you can attend a free Auto$mart workshop and register to receive your free Driver Education Kit.

“Auto$mart – A New Point of View” can help you help students make the link among road safety, fuel efficiency and environmental problems such as climate change. The kit has been completely redesigned to encourage the drivers of tomorrow to adopt a new way of thinking about driving behaviour. Auto$mart is a flexible teaching resource, with materials that can be easily incorporated into any existing driver education curriculum.

An in-class and an in-car version of the Auto$mart kit have both been developed to better suit driving instructors' specific needs.

The Auto$mart Driver Education Kit includes the following resources:

  • Instructor's Guide – Sets out five lesson modules that focus on buying, driving and maintaining a vehicle for fuel efficiency and explains how to include this important information in your existing in-class driver education program.
  • Student WorkbookInstructor's Version – Allows you to stay “on the same page” as your students throughout the lesson by ensuring that the answers to every question are at your fingertips.
  • Student Workbook – Contains engaging exercises, additional information and free space to allow students to personalize their workbook.
  • Video – A series of five entertaining video segments that bring to life each module in the Instructor's Guide
  • CD-ROM – All of the kit's print and video materials, additional links, and other resources are stored in a single, convenient electronic format.

The kit also includes an In-Car Instructor's Guide and Student Tips Cards.

Schools that register for the new Auto$mart kit will be posted on our Web site in the section “Find a School Near You,” unless indicated otherwise on the registration form.