SmartDriver Training

More than a quarter of all Canada’s greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions come from transportation. That’s why fuel efficiency is so important. By consuming less fuel, the transportation sector can reduce its impact on the environment. But reducing harmful vehicle emissions is only one reason to use less fuel. Fleet energy management also makes good business sense. It helps cut operational and maintenance costs, boost profitability and improve competitiveness.

SmartDriver training covers all aspects of fleet energy management, from vehicle spec'ing and maintenance to driver training and the latest transportation technologies.

Choose the SmartDriver training option that’s right for you:

SmartDriver for Highway Trucking

Promotes fuel efficiency as the responsible, cost-effective way to reduce expenses and the environmental impact of long-haul operations.

Mark Dalton: SmartDriver

Learn more about the popular series of adventure-mystery novels featuring the fictional truck driver Mark Dalton - a champion of fuel-efficient driving practices.

SmartDriver for Forestry Trucks

Encourages fuel efficiency in all forestry fleet operations.

SmartDriver for Transit

Delivers a combination of coaching and on-road training to help drivers significantly reduce their fuel consumption.

SmartDriver in the City

Promotes fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly operational practices to help urban and municipal fleets reduce costs, cut vehicle emissions and improve safety.

SmartDriver for School Bus

Delivers the essential knowledge drivers need to become safer, more environmentally aware and more fuel-efficient on the road.