SmartDriver for Forestry Trucks

For professional drivers and owner-operators

Developed by FleetSmart in cooperation with FPInnovations, this free SmartDriver training program promotes energy-efficient driving in forestry operations. The training targets truck drivers and owner-operators to help them reduce fuel consumption, operating costs and harmful vehicle emissions.

The course focuses on energy-management factors that are within a forestry truck driver’s control. These include start/stop techniques, vehicle spec'ing, maintenance procedures and haul operations. Drivers and owner-operators obtain greater knowledge of fuel-saving driving techniques, which they can put into practice immediately. The course also introduces various technologies that can help participants reduce their fuel consumption and increase their productivity.

Course outline

SmartDriver for Forestry Trucks training is delivered in three modules on CD-ROM:

  • Module 1: Spec'ing a truck
  • Module 2: Driving for fuel efficiency
  • Module 3: Being a fuel-smart driver

Contact FleetSmart to register for SmartDriver for Forestry Trucks.

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